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Retail Banking : Basic

A space in the financial world where customer-oriented services are offered. This program opens up huge opportunities to be part of the elite banking sector, where the entire gamut of retail banking is covered with hands-on experience

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Retail Banking : Advanced

This is an extension of the basic program, which prepares the aspirants for a deeper understanding of the subject, leading to specialization in various aspects of retail banking e.g., Trade, FX, Assets, Sales, Third Party Products, NR leading to certification on various regulated programs

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Art of Entrepreneurship

A program where aspirations are given wings and those who have an appetite to learn and start sustainable ventures of their own. This capsule hand holds the aspirant from Seeding to Harvesting – the entire journey

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Professional Transformation : Basic

A program which enables the aspirant to “Walk the Talk” on the behavioural aspect. The focus would be on professional communication; power dressing; body; sales approach; persona enhancement; speech therapy

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Professional Transformation : Advanced

An extension to the basic program on “Behavioural Science” wherein stress is laid more on – Leadership; Customer Centric Communication; Interview Preparation; Presentation Skills; Negotiation Skills; Resume Writing – Therapy completing the Financial Grooming

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Mutual Fund Analysis

This is a customised program whereby the aspirant is familiarised with theoretical; practical and the regulatory environment of the Mutual Funds industry; the sole aim of making him/her an expert in the field of Mutual Funds

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Financial Planning

Aspirants who have an aptitude for numbers, this program opens the never ending opportunities to dwell upon – Budgeting; Financial Analysis; Portfolio Management; Tax Planning; Strategies and Fundamentals of Planning covering all major milestones of one’s life cycle

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Capital Markets

Capital Markets comprise of analysis and trading of securities. Trading is done in stocks, bonds, commodities and Forex. Profitable trading is possible only after doing a detailed analysis. This research and analysis is done using various fundamental and technical techniques. The Capital Markets program offered by FinCoach encompasses the basic as well as advanced insight into these markets

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Investor Awareness Program

Interested in knowing the “Financial health of their own”, keen on meeting their financial goal – this is the program. It dwells upon – “investments to be made”. Plans out the major milestones of one’s life and helps to achieve financial freedom

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Sales Specialist

A must for everyone who envisages career growth in the “corporate” world, where “Sales” is the only ingredient. Layout and the approach to the program would be – Sales Strategy; Identify Pain areas; Power Communication; Optimizing in-built strength; Personality “SWOT” analysis with a scientific approach

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